Xbox One users can now stream their games to a Windows 10 device


One of the most interesting features for Windows 10 has finally left its preview release and is now available to everyone. This feature allows people with an Xbox One to stream their console games to their Windows 10 device and play it from there, all through the official Xbox app. 

Microsoft said late Friday that game streaming from the Xbox One to Windows 10 PCs has come out of preview, opening it up to everyone running the latest build (currently build 10240) of Windows 10. Microsoft also said it planned several feature updates to the Xbox app over the next few days, including the ability for the app to mine your old PC games and add them to your game collection. As the name suggests, game streaming relays game play from Microsoft’s Xbox One console to a connected PC, allowing a gamer to play Forza Horizon in the family room, for example, while other family members watch Monday Night Football on the living-room TV. Why this matters: There’s two ways of looking at this: On the one hand, it ties Microsoft’s ecosystem together, giving bonuses for owning various sets of Microsoft gear, including the Xbox One and a Windows 10 PC. On the other hand, it’s just plain cool.

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