Thousands of Windows 10 devices are already in development


Microsoft won’t be able to achieve its goal of having a billion Windows 10 devices by 2018 just by having people upgrade their operating systems, there needs to be new devices being released as well. Satya Nadella clearly understands this, as the CEO announced yesterday that Microsoft and its partners across the globe are currently developing more than 2,000 Windows 10 devices at the moment, all of which are expected to launch in the coming months. 

Next week, on July 29, Microsoft will release Windows 10 for PCs, marking the first step in perhaps the most significant product launch in its history. The company has promised to put Windows 10 on over a billion devices by 2018, and given the range of devices that the OS will reach, that certain seems feasible: beyond PCs, Windows 10 will make it to smartphones, small tablets, micro-computers, smart displays, set-top boxes, Internet of Things devices, and many other systems, including Microsoft’s own Xbox One console. During the company’s earnings call today, following the reporting of its latest quarterly financial results earlier, Microsoft gave a hint of the scale of what’s to come with its next-gen OS. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella today referred to the PCs that will go on sale on the new operating system’s launch day next week – we know, for example, that HP will actually begin shipping its first Windows 10 PCs on July 28, one day before the OS officially launches.

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