Sorry Amazon, Prime Day kinda sucks


With how much Amazon was building up Prime Day as a deal-lover’s paradise, one which not even Black Friday would be able to compete with, I’m pretty disappointed with how lackluster Prime Day has actually been. I’m not the only one either, The Next Web even has an article dedicated to explaining what Amazon did wrong and how the company should change things around next year. 

Amazon Prime Day, the new made-up holiday by the marketplace giant that promised great deals for their Amazon Prime subscribers, sucks. I mean, it really sucks. The trumpeted, high-profile deals on Amazon products like the Amazon Echo went blazingly fast, leaving the rest of the slow plebes or late-comers to basically junk. I believe Amazon can do better, and I want to believe that Amazon wants to do better. Here are some super simple ways to maybe Prime Day 2016 better. If there is a Prime Day 2016. Amazon users who are also Prime subscribers clearly see value in paying $99 annually to take advantage of two-day shipping — it’s likely that they also keep track of what they want and what they’ve bought from Amazon, too. I’m a Prime subscriber, and although I go on and order spontaneously, I keep a running Wish List of things I’d like to purchase on the site. These items are often “nice-to-have” and are worth buying only as presents to myself on special occasions, or to hint to loved ones during holidays.

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