Reddit has lost yet another senior female employee


Just when I thought Reddit’s internal meltdown was coming to an end, yet another senior female employee has left the company. Whether the fact that they’re all female is a coincidence or not isn’t as relevant as the fact that Reddit is losing its top employees at an alarming pace. The latest such employee to leave the company is Jessica Moreno, the company’s head of community who joined Reddit with her husband back in 2011. 

Reddit’s head of community, Jessica Moreno, has left the company. She is the fourth senior female employee to exit in less than a month. Moreno and her husband, former Reddit product boss Dan McComas, joined the company in 2011 when their gift-exchange service, RedditGifts, was acquired by Reddit. Reddit and Moreno confirmed news of the departure to Re/code in separate statements provided by the company, saying that Moreno plans to return to Salt Lake City to spend time with her family. Neither Moreno nor Reddit specified who would replace her, but Moreno said she’s “working with [CEO] Steve [Huffman] on a transition plan.” In her statement, Moreno didn’t mention anything related to gender discrimination. Her exit is the latest by a female higher-up at the social news site at a time when the company’s efforts to rein in the most toxic elements of its community have been in the spotlight. In early July, Reddit parted ways with admin Victoria Taylor. Shortly thereafter, interim CEO Ellen Pao left the company. A few days after that, so did engineering chief Bethanye Blount.

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