Oculus VR has announced its second-ever developer conference


The biggest name in virtual reality will be hosting its second-ever developer conference in a few weeks and registration for the event has been opened. Those of you looking to attend the Oculus Connect 2 conference in September might want to purchase the tickets as soon as you can because they’re already a few hundred bucks but will be even more expensive if you decide to purchase them on-site. 

Oculus have just announced that registration for their second show dedicated to all things Oculus, ‘Connect 2′, is now open. Oculus’ inaugural Connect show in September of last year was a resolutely and unapologetic developer focused event. Wary that content is going to be everything as virtual realty hits retail, Oculus wanted to bring their dev community together to share ideas, tips and generally talk VR until they were blue in the face. With the Rift now scheduled for release in Q1 2016 and developers have that target window to aim for, this year’s event is poised to be Oculus’ most important event yet. Developers know their ship date (roughly), they know their controller options (for the first 6 months at least, the packed-in Xbox One controller) – so Connect 2 will surely be all about doubling down and preparing for the cold, hard realities of consumer VR.

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