Microsoft is using the power of babies to promote Windows 10


Babies are a commonly used advertising tool, but it’s difficult to see how they could be used to promote a new operating system. Even so, Microsoft has decided to use the power of babies in its first batch of advertisements for Windows 10. The five ads explain how these babies lives will be so much easier than ours because they’re going to grow up in an era where Windows 10 dominates. 

Microsoft is leveraging the power of babies in its first Windows 10 ads. The company has produced five new ads, each using footage of children from across the globe gurgling, waddling, and gnawing on their feet as a voiceover explains that they will have an easier life because “these kids will grow up with Windows 10.” “Imagine,” the voiceover says, against shots of children in remote villages, ice fields, and central London, “these kids won’t have to remember passwords, or obsess about security.” Another ad explains that the kids will be able to log in “with a smile,” but they don’t explain exactly why the kids won’t need to understand the concept of rudimentary online security, but they posit a future where “every screen is meant to be touched, web pages are meant to be scribbled on and shared.” The ads hint at an incremental improvement process for Windows 10, suggesting that as the kids grow and “get better at things,” the operating system will too — rather than releasing Windows 11 in five years time, Microsoft intends to keep Windows 10 growing as fast as the toddlers it uses in its ads.

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