Microsoft is giving Android a Windows spin with the Arrow Launcher


I include myself in the big list of people who are impressed and intrigued by the mobile version of Windows 10, but not enough to abandon our current operating system of choice. Rather than switching to a Windows smartphone, however, Microsoft allowing Android users to try the next best thing: an Android launcher known as Arrow. This launched, which is still in closed-beta, will give Android a bit of a Microsoft spin without the need to switch platforms. 

Microsoft has a new app for Android phones and unlike many of its latest cross-platform efforts, you won’t likely see this be supported on iOS. Over the weekend, Microsoft News noticed the company debuted Arrow, a custom app launcher for Android. Arrow is technically available only through an invite-system on Google+, where I submitted my access request. However, the .apk, or installation file, is directly available for download without an invite here on OneDrive. Note: Since I don’t know who uploaded the file and what it contains, I’m waiting for my official request to be accepted. Once installed and set as your Android launcher, Arrow splits your phone’s home screens into three distinct panes. The main screen shows your four most recently used applications and another handful of frequently used titles. Swipe to the left and you’ll see a People pane with icons for frequent contacts. Swipe right and you’ll see a screen dedicated to Notes & Reminders.

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