Leak: This is what the Windows 10 retail boxes will look like


Although digital purchases make up the majority of software sales nowadays, that doesn’t mean Microsoft is done selling Windows in those familiar retail boxes. Although the authenticity hasn’t been confirmed, images of what appears to be the box art for the retail versions of Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro have been leaked online. 

Windows 10 will launch in just two weeks, and while many of you will get the new operating system free of charge as a regular download because you’re on Windows 7 or 8.1 and you qualify for the free upgrade, some people will purchase it from the store. For these customers, Microsoft has prepared the regular retail box, which, according to German publication WinFuture, will look exactly like in the gallery below. For the moment, nobody can confirm whether these photos are real or not, but chances are that the Windows 10 retail box will indeed look just like that, especially because the simple packaging somehow makes sense for Microsoft as it perfectly brings in the spotlight the key changes the company made in the OS. If these photos are real, then the Home edition will get a blue box, while Pro will be purple. But what’s more important is that they both feature the new hero wallpaper and provide buyers with a glimpse into the new desktop.

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