Leak: The iPhone 6S will look almost identical to the iPhone 6


Apple isn’t expected to release any official information on the iPhone 6S for a few months, but that hasn’t stopped a plethora of leaks and rumors from popping up. One of the more recent leaks, which comes from Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac, gives us a look at the smartphone’s housing, which appears to be identical to its predecessor. This would mean that rumors of a dual-lens camera on the iPhone 6S are false. 

In the middle of a slow week, Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac has come through with a megaton. This week, a “proven” source from Apple’s supply chain sent Gurman a series of images showcasing the metal housing and the internal components of the iPhone 6s — the next major flagship release from the Cupertino company. A future report will include images of the components, but today we’re focusing on the housing — the case that will hold the iPhone 6s together. Here are the five things that Gurman highlighted in his report: First of all, the housing is virtually identical to that of the iPhone 6. Much like the 5s upgrade, Apple won’t be making any major changes to the external design of the 6s. If there are differences, they are either too minor to see or haven’t been implemented yet. But, even though the external design is unchanged, there is a different internal mounting structure. Despite reports to the contrary, the new housing does not show any signs of a dual-lens camera. The holes on the back of the iPhone 6s are the same as the ones on the iPhone 6. Maybe we’ll see more on the iPhone 7. Next, and this sort of falls under the first point about the phone’s design, but Gurman does note that the antenna lines are here to stay.

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