iOS 9 is going to have an image folder dedicated entirely to selfies


Just when I thought the selfie craze couldn’t get any more validation, Apple went and added a dedicated Selfie folder to iOS 9. First seen in the most recent beta release of iOS 9, Apple had apparently created an image folder that’s exclusively for selfies, as well as a somewhat more useful dedicated Screenshot folder. The Seflies folder can be fond in the Photos app and will save any picture that’s taken with an iPhone’s front-facing camera. 

I take a lot of screenshots with my iPhone. Sometimes it’s easier than trying to copy-and-paste large blocks of text — it’s certainly quicker. It’s also confused the hell out of my Google Photos album, given that screenshots make up probably 70 percent of my collection. It looks like my (secular) prayers have been answered. With iOS 9 beta 3 out today, several developers have taken to Twitter to call out what might be iOS 9’s best new feature — a separate folder for screenshots. There’s also a folder for selfies as well, but it’s not clear if there’s any special detection going on or if it’s just “pictures taken from the front-facing camera (because why else would you use it except for selfies).” There’s no guarantee that this will make the final, official iOS 9 release, but I hope the addition is permanent — we’ve tried third-party solutions before, but something built-in would be decidedly cleaner. A public beta is expected later this month, and I know it’s probably ill-advised to put beta software on my main device, but dammit, I need this.

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