More than 968 million people use Facebook every day


Most social networks would be ecstatic to hear that they’ve reached 100 million monthly active users, and yet Facebook is over here with close to 1.5 BILLION! According to the company’s Q2 2015 earnings report, not only is Facebook about to cross the 1.5 billion monthly active users mark, within the next couple of months it’s average number of daily users is expected to cross the 1 billion mark. 

Facebook’s incredible user growth continues. Sometime this year—possibly this quarter—Facebook will pass 1 billion daily active users. And even sooner, it will pass 1.5 billion monthly active users—if it hasn’t already. Those projections are based on the company’s second-quarter earnings report, released today. Facebook said it had an average 968 million daily active users in June, up 17% year-over-year. Its monthly active users rose 13% to 1.49 billion. Facebook added about 32 million daily users and 49 million monthly users during the quarter. (Rival Twitter, by comparison, added 2 million monthly active users during the quarter, excluding a class of SMS-only users; its shares declined 15% today.) This puts Facebook on pace to reach or pass 1 billion daily users this quarter or next, and 1.5 billion monthly users even faster.

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