BitTorrent and Onehub have joined forces to create Onehub Sync


BitTorrent Sync is an excellent alternative to traditional cloud storage, one that puts pretty much everything in your control, but the only problem is that the service only works well on a small scale, which makes it nonviable for enterprise use. That’s why BitTorrent has joined forces with Onehub to create a much larger scale version of the service known as Onehub Sync which combines BitTorrent Sync and Onehub’s own online file-storage service.

BitTorrent has long billed its Sync file-sharing service as a peer-to-peer alternative to cloud storage, but on Wednesday the company announced it’s working with Onehub on a new, combined offering for large businesses. Onehub Sync integrates BitTorrent Sync into Onehub’s online file-storage service through what the two companies call a hybrid, peer-to-peer+one approach. The result combines the benefits of syncing directly between peers with using Onehub as a “persistent peer” that’s always available in the cloud. BitTorrent’s Sync service requires at least two peer computers to be connected in order for file-sharing to occur. With Onehub Sync, the cloud part of the equation means that users’ Onehub Sync clients will always have a peer to connect with, ensuring that their content can stay current.

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