Apple’s automotive ambitions are consuming tons of its resources


Designing and testing a vehicle is an incredibly resource-intensive task, doubly so when that vehicle is expected to be a market leader in technological capability and triply so when the company behind the vehicle is Apple, which is well known for the high standards it has for its products. According to a recent report, the company’s automotive project is actually so resource-intensive that it’s eating into Apple’s other divisions, much to their vexation. 

A report on Tuesday claims Apple’s secret automotive initiative is creating tension within the company’s ranks as resource allotments are now gobbling up personnel from other divisions. According to a source familiar with the matter, Apple is reassigning workers to its car project at such a high rate that department heads are beginning to bemoan the loss of talent, reports The Register. The exact nature of Apple’s car initiative, dubbed Project Titan, remains shrouded in mystery, with rumors ranging from work on a bespoke automotive operating system to a full-fledged branded vehicle. As the publication notes, a staffing drain of such proportions does suggest work on a significant scale, perhaps belying a move into a completely new sector like heavy industry. In March, AppleInsider uncovered a secret off-campus installation seemingly dedicated to Project Titan. A number of buildings leased by Apple, but bearing no signage, held car-related structures including a garage, room for repairsand various research and development facilities. The site’s purpose remains unknown.

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