Apple now controls 75% of the smartwatch market


Google may control the vast majority of the smartphone market with its Android platform, but as far as smartwatches are concerned, it’s Apple that’s the undisputed king. According to a report from research firm Strategy Analytics, the Apple Watch accounts for a whopping 75% of the smartwatch market while the next in line, Samsung, controls a measly 7.5% of the market with all of its devices combined. 

According to a new report, Apple has become the leader in the smartwatch market with the launch of a little new gadget known as the Apple Watch. On Wednesday WatchAware reported on new findings by research firm Strategy Analytics claiming that the Apple Watch is already the “star performer” of the smartwatch industry. According to the report, in just three months, the Apple Watch has managed to capture 75.5 percent of the global smartwatch market share, shipping an estimated 4 million units to vendors all over the world. The report also found that during that same period Samsung’s smartwatch market share plummeted from 73.6 percent marketshare down to 7.5 percent. Other smartwatch makers have also seen a decline in market share because of the Apple Watch—going from 26.4 percent to 17 percent. The launch of the Apple Watch has had a major impact on the smartwatch market overall. The report claims that year-over-year growth for that category has skyrocketed by over 457 percent. More smartwatches were sold from April to June 2015 than all of last year, according to the research firm.

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