The Xiaomi Mi5 may have been delayed thanks to Qualcomm


If you’ve been wondering why Xiaomi is taking so long to announce its new flagship smartphones, you may have Qualcomm to thank. Apparently, overheating issues with the Snapdragon 810 have forced Xiaomi to delay the release of the Mi5, and it wouldn’t be the first company to suffer thanks to Qualcomm’s notorious chip. This is despite the company’s claims that the chip doesn’t overheat, which we all know to be a load of crap. 

Its been a while since Xiaomi announced a new smartphone in the market. As a result, in the coming months, expect around two to three new phone launches. One should be the Redmi Note successor, which we have already seen in a leak yesterday. And the other two could be the rumored Xiaomi Mi5 and the Mi5 Plus. Its already time to see the successor to the company current, Xiaomi Mi4 flagship, but it looks like Snapdragon 810 issues have forced the company to delay the release. Logically, both the phones should have featured Snapdragon 810 which is the flagship SoC for the year, but given the severe heating issues associated with the chip, it seems unlikely that it will end up in both of them. However, consumers are eagerly waiting for the next Mi device and Xiaomi may eventually succumb to market pressure. So, a Snapdragon 810 powered Mi5 is even possible. Snapdragon 820 will still take a few months to enter mass production, and it doesn’t make sense for this Chinese giant to wait until that happens. So, instead of both featuring Snapdragon 820, only the Mi5 Plus, which could be announced at the end of the year, may feature this chipset. It may even be the first smartphone to come with this latest Qualcomm SoC.

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