Samsung continues to confuse us with its product names


It’s always been a bit difficult to follow Samsung’s product names. We currently have the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, but there’s supposed to be a Galaxy S6 Plus released in the coming weeks, which is separate from the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy Note Edge 2 that’re supposed to be released later this year. Now we’re getting word that the company has trademarked the name Galaxy S6 Note, although we have no clue how different this will be from the Galaxy S6 Plus or the Galaxy Note 5. 

Leave it to Samsung to send out more confusing information about the much-rumored Galaxy S6 Plus that is also rumored to be released in a few weeks. The latest information today is that Samsung just recently filed to trademark the name, Galaxy S6 Note – could this be the rumored Galaxy S6 Plus that we have heard so much about? This stretched out Galaxy S6 Edge version is thought to be about a 5.5-inch display with curves on both sides of the screen. The big difference here is in the nomenclature – by using the ‘Note’ designation, it would certainly indicate an S-Pen would be onboard. There seems no doubt that a new device is on its way from Samsung, but details are still very sketchy, as well as their reasoning behind a Galaxy S6 Note when Samsung has its own and highly successful Galaxy Note series and Galaxy Note Edge. If the rumors are true about the 5.5-inch display, you are heading into the 5.7-inch Galaxy Note territory, although rumors of the next Galaxy Note being increased to a 5.9-inch display may make more sense now. In fact, rumors are going around that the next Galaxy Note Edge 2 was going to have lesser specs than the regular Galaxy Note 5. Is this what Samsung is thinking: Keep the Galaxy Note 5 a separate device at 5.9-inches and offer a larger version of the Galaxy S6 Note at 5.5-inches with curved edges for those that want curved edges and a S-Pen?

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