Pornography is getting the Popcorn Time treatment as well


I’m sure you’ve all heard of Popcorn Time by now, the service that lets you stream pirated movies and television shows in much the same way that Netflix does with legally obtained content. It’s a revolutionairy service that makes streaming stolen content ridiculously easy, and now it’s making its way to the world of porn. A new service known as Porn Time has popped up which uses Popcorn Time’s streaming method to stream porn to its users. 

“The Internet Is For Porn,” is a phrase commonly heard in popular culture. While there are plenty of other uses, it’s true that the adult industries are early adopters of many Internet related technologies, from online payments to streaming services. Porn also contributed to the early popularity of BitTorrent, where adult videos and pictures were often among the most shared files. With this in mind, it’s odd that one of the newest piracy revelations completely ignored the genre. “How can it be, that Popcorn Time has been around for over a year and no one has made Popcorn Time for PORN? Since everyone knows that the Internet is for porn,” Porn Time developer Richard tells TF. Faced with this short-coming, Richard decided to pick up the gauntlet and fill this gaping hole. First on his own, and later with help from several other developers. Fast forward a few weeks and the application is ready to go out to the public. “We’re proud to officially release Porn Time, the first Popcorn Time for porn movies,” Richard says.

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