Netflix has finally revamped its crappy web interface


Considering how a significant chunk of Netflix’s users access the service through their web browser, you’d think that the company would put more effort into making their web interface not suck. To be fair, the company has been working on a revamped web interface for a while now, but it’s taken them a while to actually address people’s complaints. Those complaints should be over now, as Netflix has finally given users a web interface that’s actually aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. 

The Netflix site is about to get an update. The video-streaming service has rolled out its first major website update in four years, optimizing it for a mouse, trackpad, or touch screen. The update, Netflix Product Innovation Director Cameron Johnson said, will make it “faster and easier to discover something great to watch.” The new website offers a “richer, more visual experience … that works more like an app and less like a series of linked Web pages,” he continued. The new website should help Netflix visitors explore the site’s vast catalog of shows and movies quicker than ever before. For instance, information will now appear in-line rather than on a separate page for easier browsing. Plus, when you hover your mouse over a title, you’ll now see a slideshow of images from that movie or show. “We hope this slideshow will give you a better feel for what the show is about than reading the description alone,” Johnson wrote.

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