Microsoft is releasing Visual Studio 2015 next month


For those of you who aren’t familiar, Visual Studio is a tool that’s used by million of developers to create much of the software that we use on a daily basis. It’s been almost two years since the release of the last version, and with Windows 10 set to launch late next month, this is the perfect time to release the newest version, which is exactly what Microsoft will be doing on July 20th. 

Microsoft has announced that Visual Studio 2015 will be released for download on July 20th, 2015. The company will also be hosting a live Q&A session online with the engineering team as well as a deep dive session alongside the release to help users understand the new features of the platform. Along with Visual Studio 2015, the company is releasing Team Foundation Server 2015 and .NET 4.6 on the same day for download as well. Visual Studio is used by millions of developers around the world to create the applications that you open every day. With this latest release, the company is targeting everything from cross platform development for iOS, Android and Windows to game development with Unity, Unreal, Cocos. If you are curious about the hundreds of additions to Visual Studio, make sure to check out all of our prior coverage here, as that should give you a good representation of what Microsoft is bringing to the table with Visual Studio 2015. July is turning out to be a busy month for Microsoft as not only will they be shipping a new build of Visual Studio, but Windows 10 will be released on July 29th as well.

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