Is a 6-inch smartphone even a phone, or is it a small tablet?


Does anyone remember when 5-inch smartphones were considered big? That’s pretty much the standard smartphone size nowadays, and many companies have been blurring the lines between smartphones and tablets with some ridiculously big displays. With its new 6-inch 2560×1440 MX5 Pro smartphone, Meizu is definitely one of those companies.

Since the start of this month, we have been hearing a lot about the upcoming devices from Meizu. We have already spotted the Meizu MX5 on TENAA and even in a video, and it looks like the MX5 Pro version will also debut soon. New rumors indicate that the MX5 Pro will come with a larger 6-inch display with 2K resolution. As for the processor, expect the same Samsung 7420 chipset that was inside the Samsung Galaxy S6 inside this beast. Along with this powerful chipset, the phone will come with 4GB RAM and an oval shaped home button which will support fingerprint recognition. As for the camera, expect the same 20MP Sony sensor to end up in the new model. The battery is reportedly larger with 4000mAh capacity, which should easily provide more than a day’s usage. Finally, the phone is rumored to debut in July, which is only a few weeks away.

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