iOS 9 will temporarily delete your apps if there’s not enough space


An annoying issue that iOS users run into occasionally is that, when it comes time to install Apple’s big annual system update, you may not have enough space on your device to actually install it. This is especially prevalent in Apple’s 8GB and 16GB devices, and upgrading to iOS 8 last year was a big issue for owners of such devices. Fortunately, Apple has a solution with iOS 9, one which involves temporarily deleting some of your apps when there isn’t enough space. 

Apple has included a new feature in iOS 9 beta 2 that will temporarily delete apps from devices to make space for system updates. This means that owners of iPhones and iPads that have relatively small capacities of 8GB and 16GB will no longer have to scour their devices to find apps and files to delete to make room for the updates. Instead, when a user of iOS 9 wants to download and install a system update and doesn’t have enough room, a message will appear telling them they have insufficient space for the download, and if they click “Allow App Deletion”, iOS 9 will delete apps to free up some storage. Although this sounds a bit brutal, the update files are only needed temporarily, so once they’ve been used iOS 9 will delete them. The new feature will then redownload and install the apps that were deleted. Hopefully any user data that was associated with the apps will either be kept or reinstalled as well, so it should feel like you’re carrying on where you left off without too much disruption.

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