Dish might announce entry into the wireless market later today


As one of the top direct-broadcast satellite service providers in the country, Dish is in an excellent position to enter the American wireless market, which is notoriously difficult to get into as a newcomer thanks the sheer dominance of the four companies that currently control the market. If any company could do it, however, it would be Dish, and the company is expected to hold a meeting regarding this entry into the market later today. 

Dish is one of the largest direct-broadcast satellite service providers in the United States; currently the company offers their users different services that range from satellite television to satellite internet. Founded in 1980, Dish has gained over 13.8 million subscribers; thanks to the always reliable service it provides. Not so long ago, there was a leak where it was mentioned that Dish was planning on entering the already well-established wireless market. Today, the recent leak was referenced by an analyst, and he stated that Dish will most probably reveal the company’s plans for its new wireless network on Tuesday, which essentially is tomorrow. This would mean that the whole wireless market would have to adapt to a new competitor; if the rumors are true, it might cause other major wireless network providers and satellite service providers alike, to begin working on new innovative ways to retain and attract more customers, so that their current position in the relatively-stable market is not compromised.

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