With is like Tinder for people who’re looking for friends


There’s no shortage of dating apps and websites out there. Hell, there are even services dedicated specifically to even the most obscure demographic. But what about people who’re looking for non-romantic, non-sexual company, as in friends? Meetup.com is one of the only services that come to mind, but the more mobile-first users out there, a new app called Wiith is looking to be “Tinder for friends.” 

If you’re looking to meet new people but don’t want to explicitly commit to it being a date, as on Tinder, a new app called Wiith wants to help. The social app aims to connect nearby people who share the same interests and have them join up for local activities and events – like a more informal version of Meetup, perhaps. The idea that the younger, mobile generation feels more comfortable connecting via apps and technology rather than in-person conversations is something that’s been tested before. A number of “Meetup”-like apps have launched in the past, but they’ve so far failed to topple the older social site Meetup.com which today still has over 21.5 million users, and hosts over 9,000 groups in local communities. That said, there’s still an opportunity for someone to rethink the Meetup model for the more spontaneous, Tinder-swipe-filled mobile age. After all, Meetup has only recently begun to shift its business to mobile, having added in features like messaging or crowdfunding for group needs just this past year. Whether or not Wiith will be the one to figure it out, however, still remains to be seen.

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