This dating website focuses on practicality instead of romance


Dating services are a dime a dozen, but the Chinese website known as Baihe manages to distinguish itself by taking a rather interesting approach to the whole process of finding a partner. Users are encouraged to share their education and property status, which are exceptionally important in Chinese culture, and can even share their credit score in order to show how good their financial standing is. Some may describe it as materialistic, while other would say its just practical, but with $241 million in new funding, it’s clearly doing something right. 

Chinese dating site Baihe has announced it recently raised RMB 1.5 billion (US$241 million) in series D funding, according to Sina Tech. The investors have not been disclosed. Baihe approaches dating from an empirical and practical – some might say materialistic – perspective, with the end goal being marriage. Users are required to use their real names and are encouraged to share information like their property status and education. In other words, does this person own a home and have a good degree? Posting videos is also encouraged as they are more difficult to manipulate than photos. Members can verify their marital status to prove they aren’t seeking affairs. Recently, the site added a feature wherein users can post their credit score, as rated by a third-party private agency, to show they are in good financial standing. A member can only see information on other people’s profiles that they have shared themselves. O2O services related to the marriage industry are a major means of monetization for Baihe. The company plans to extend those offerings to consulting, financial services, and media.


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