Samsung’s new app wants to help people suffering from Alzheimer’s


Few diseases cause as much emotional suffering to those close to you as Alzheimer’s Disease, which is why everyone dreads getting it when they’re older. That’s why Samsung has teamed up with 3SG BBDO and the Tunisian Alzheimer’s Association to develop and app known as Backup Memory. While the app certainly isn’t a cure for the disease, it claims to make things easier for people who show early signs of Alzheimer’s.

It is quite a given fact that when we grow old, we tend to forget some memories we have had in our lives. But there are those who not only forget, but also get impaired in language and speaking; these are the people who suffer from an ailment called Alzheimer’s Disease. In line with this, Samsung Electronics Tunisia (SETN), along with the help of the Tunisian Alzheimer’s Association and 3SG BBDO, has launched a new mobile app called “Backup Memory.” The app functions as a memory stimulator for those people who are showing early signs of the said disease. It helps patients become aware of their surroundings by identifying family members and friends who are nearby, and then reminds the patient about his/her relationship with that person and the memories they have had together. The app utilizes a device’s Bluetooth connectivity, which searches for other devices running the same app. A connection to those devices is then made, if they are in a 10-meter (33 feet) range. Backup Memory then pulls information regarding the nearby person.

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