MSI angrily denies rumors that it’s selling a piece of itself to Lenovo


It looks like the rumor that Lenovo was in talks to acquire MSI’s gaming laptop division are false. The rumor, which started circulating around the Internet earlier this week, claimed that MSI was in the market to sell its gaming laptop division due to increased competition, and Lenovo was the most likely buyer. Lenovo has yet to say anything regarding the rumor, but MSI has vehemently denied it, even threatening legal action. 

It’s official: MSI has thoroughly batted down rumors that PC maker Lenovo is in talks to buy the smaller company’s gaming laptop division. “In regards to the rumors circulating about (a) Lenovo and MSI acquisition, MSI is not in talks with Lenovo to sell the MSI Gaming Notebook business,” MSI’s president Andy Tung said in a statement released to the press. Rumors began swirling ’round the Internet last Friday, when Taiwan-based news site DigiTimes reported that undisclosed sources had told it MSI was in talks with Lenovo for a buyout. Lenovo would be looking to buff its gaming laptop division, and MSI would sell its laptop division because of increased competition from other OEMs. PCWorld’s questions to Lenovo went unanswered, but MSI was clear in its message. The company went so far as to say it’s looking for the source of the rumors and could sue them. “We are currently seeking the source of this false information and reserve the right to take any legal action,” Tung said.

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