Google+ has made its first-ever tweet


Google has a dedicated Twitter account for all of its key products, and the company generally uses these accounts to keep followers up to date with the product. However, this hasn’t been the case with Google+ which, for the past four years, has remained completely dormant despite having an official Twitter page. That all changed yesterday when, for whatever reason, the company decided to give Google+ its first tweet. 

Nearly every key Google product has its very own Twitter account. Google Drive, Android, the Nexus program, even Google Glass all have their own Twitter accounts to keep fans up to date on product news, tips and tricks, and occasional random foolishness. Even Google+ — the social network, community, and photo-sharing space that’s never quite caught on in the way the company hoped for — has its own Twitter account. An account that has lay dormant for the nearly four years that have gone by since Google+ launched. Until today. Suddenly, the Google+ Twitter account has come alive, asking the “Twitterverse” to give some love for its #firstweet. There are also a bunch of individual replies to Twitter users, each containing a GIF. It’s not a bad strategy — no one’s going to get mad at a corporate Twitter account for throwing some GIFs your way.

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