YouTube is absolutely dominating television networks


People between the ages of 18-49 are the most coveted age demographic in the entertainment industry, and according to CEO Susan Wojcicki, YouTube is doing a better job at reaching that demographic on mobile alone than any television network is doing on all platforms combined. 

Entertainment is becoming more global, mobile, social and interactive. And “that’s exactly the world we’re creating at YouTube along with all of you,” the service’s CEO Susan Wojcicki told advertisers today at the Google company’s NewFront presentation in New York. Per usual, execs focussed on the power of the platform to reach a committed audience, as opposed to particular shows. Universal Studios marketing chief Josh Goldstine told the gathering that the Comcast-owned company has embraced YouTube — and “this year we’re doubling down.” For example, it’s releasing Pitch Perfect 2, a sequel to a film that became surprisingly profitable due to the studio’s targeted advertising online. “It really is only a wager when you don’t know the outcome,” Goldstine said. “Even by spending less than we ever thought possible, we were able to attract more awareness in our core demo.”

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