What does the Galaxy S Edge have over the normal Galaxy S6?


So what if the Galaxy S6 Edge has a curved display, what makes it any better than the far more familiar Galaxy S6? I mean, it’s cool and all and I’m glad Samsung was willing to take a risk like that with its flagship smartphone, but what kind of functionality can I get out of the Edge that I can’t get out of the standard S6? Fortunately, Droid-Life has answered these questions for us. 

To me, the Galaxy S6 Edge represents a risk Samsung was willing to take when it comes to design. It’s something different. And even though it is different, it’s not completely unorthodox when I really think about it, and at times, is quite nice to have. I have been asked what viewing content is like on the rounded display, and to the shock of a few, I actually really enjoy it. While the Galaxy S6 Edge does not feature as much “usefulness” as say, the Note Edge does, it still offers a few things that regular Galaxy S6 owners don’t have access to. In the video below, I go over the differences that make up the two, but be aware right now, it’s not all that much. Samsung does not include a ton of options or features for the rounded display, but of the few that are included, I could see them being somewhat beneficial at some point or another to someone out there.

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