These guided tour videos explain why you need and Apple Watch


The launch of the Apple Watch is right around the corner and many people are still asking the same question they’ve been asking since rumors of Apple’s smartwatch first started to circulate: Why would I want one and what would I do with it? Fortunately, Apple has all the answers ready for you in its new “guided tour” videos which detail the many uses of the Apple Watch. 

In the lead-up to the retail debut of its first wearable device, Apple has launched a new website that features demo videos demonstrating the watch’s capabilities. At the moment, there are four videos available on the site, covering the Messages ap, customizable watch faces, and Digital Touch communication features. A general overview at the top of the page provides a broad look at the watch’s capabilities. At the moment, only those in-depth videos seem to be available, but spaces detailing phone calls, Siri, the mapping application, music playback, Apple Pay transactions, and the built-in pair of health and fitness apps are all marked as “Coming Soon.” The Apple Watch will be available to try in Apple Stores or pre-order on April 10th. Retail purchases will be available on April 24th. 9to5Mac recently reported on Apple’s retail plans, including training materials for store employees, the new appointments system for purchases, how to try the device without an appointment, and potential stock limits.

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