Rumor: Microsoft might add support for Android apps to Windows 10


A Microsoft developer conference is probably the last place you’d expect to hear news about Android, aside from some of the company’s Office apps. That being said a blogger and Windows enthusiast by the name of Paul Thurrott is reporting that there’s a good chance that Microsoft will announce that Windows 10 will support Android apps at its big developer conference next week. Considering how Microsoft has struggled in the app department for years, this could be a very smart move. 

Microsoft’s big developer conference is coming up next week, and while there normally wouldn’t be many implications for Android outside of announcements pertaining to their Office suite of apps, there’s even more reason to pay attention to this year’s conference. Windows enthusiast blogger Paul Thurrott has revealed that Microsoft will most likely announce that Windows 10 will support Android apps. The details are slim, but we imagine it wouldn’t be much different than what Blackberry did a couple of years ago. The Canadian company created an Android runtime that would allow Android apps to run as long as the app was properly ported by a developer, a process which only took about 5 minutes of work. Microsoft has struggled in the apps department to this point, with many developers opting to skip their platform altogether when it comes to mobile apps. The likely reason is that there simply isn’t a big enough user base on Windows Phone for developers to commit resources to. On the flipside, users aren’t going to want to use a platform that doesn’t have as many apps as the competition.

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