OnePlus is sending out invites for a mysterious event next week


A miniature drone may not have been what people were expecting or hoping for when OnePlus was teasing a new product, but the device still sold out pretty quickly. Those of you who weren’t satisfied, however, needn’t worry because the company has another product it’s going to unveil on April 20th. It’s unlikely to be a successor to the OnePlus One since we know that it won’t be launching until much later in the year, so what is it? 

For all the OnePlus One fans out there, it has been an interesting couple of weeks. First up, the big news of late has been the arrival of Android 5.0 (Lollipop). The wait for the One to receive the Lollipop update has been a long one and then the last couple of weeks the build-up was further increased when the OnePlus team announced that Lollipop would be arriving by the end of March in both OnePlus form (OxygenOS) and Cyanogen form (Cyanogen OS 12). Of course, once the date neared, the delay talk began and then commenced a couple of weeks of daily updating. Although, this did all come to a head this week when Cyanogen OS 12 was released, following on from last week’s release of OxygenOS.

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