HTC has abandoned Sense TV in favor of the Peel Smart Remote app


For those of you who’re unfamiliar, Sense TV was a mobile app that HTC shipped with many of its devices that allowed your smartphone to act as a smart remote. However, in order to ensure that its engineering teams are “focused on what’s most impactful for you,” HTC has decided to abandon the app in favor of the Peel Smart Remote app while HTC focuses on its more popular apps. 

If you’ve already picked up your M9 you might have noticed that Sense TV has been replaced with the Peel Smart Remote. That’s because we’re removing the service from our devices on April 30th. Before we get into the details of this change, let’s talk about why we’ve decided to shut down Sense TV. First, we want to make sure our engineering team is focused on what’s most impactful for you, which means working on software and features like the Camera app, BlinkFeed, and Zoe. Second, Sense TV was powered by the Peel Smart Remote app. Peel is faster, updated more frequently, and available across a wider range of locations. Quite simply, there’s no need for us to act as a middleman with Sense TV when the Peel Smart Remote is available on its own. Now for the details. Device owners with Sense 6 on KitKat or lower received an alert at the end of March letting them know of this change. Another alert will go out on May 1st reminding users of the change and encouraging download of the Peel Remote app.

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