GTA5 for the PC will require seven discs to install and play


Blu-ray may be the disc of choice for the current generation of consoles, but most PC users don’t have the hardware necessary to use them. That’s why PC gamers who prefer physical disks to digital downloads have to stick with regular CDs, and when you have games that are dozens of gigabytes in size, this can cause some issues. One such issue is that fact that GTA5 will come with a whopping seven discs. 

At least that’s according to an image of the package taken out of Russia – at least we think that’s Russian language on the cover (thanks, Reddit). There’s another image which was posted on Twitter showing stacks of the PC game, and it looks rather thick so, we can assume the seven-disc image above will be standard for most regions if it is indeed legitimate. We don’t have one in our hand so we can’t confirm it. It’s almost happening. #GTAVPC — Grand Theft Feed (@GrandTheftFeed) April 8, 2015 The PC version of the game is 65GB, and is ready to be pre-downloaded through Steam and Rockstar Warehouse in preparation for launch on April 14.

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