Facebook launched a standalone version of Messenger for desktops


In today’s mobile-first world, companies generally bring browser-based services to mobile devices through apps, but Facebook has decided to do the reverse with Messenger. Whereas the company’s standalone messaging service started out as an app, now Facebook has launched a desktop version of Messenger. While users have always been able to access it through the regular Facebook website, messenger.com is completely standalone. 

Facebook went old school Wednesday, by launching a desktop version of its Messenger mobile app. Through the website messenger.com, users will be able to carry on conversations without the distraction of status updates and advertisements on Facebook’s main website. The conversations can be continued on a user’s smartphone through the standalone Messenger mobile app, which has about 600 million users. Users can also choose to get desktop notifications whenever they get a message. The move is an extension of the social networking company’s effort to establish Messenger as a platform distinct from the main website. Facebook last month opened the Messenger platform to outside developers, allowing it to be used to book reservations, track online orders and send custom videos, among others. Facebook unveiled messenger.com as an online hub for details about new features and products related to the app.

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