Apple may skip the iPhone 6S and go straight to the iPhone 7


The iPhone has somewhat of a hybrid release cycle. While Apple releases the primary numbered iPhone every two years (iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6), each middle year sees the release of a half step towards a successor smartphone. These half steps are marked by the letter “S” (iPhone 4S, iPhone 5S) and aren’t significant enough of an upgrade to be considered true successors. Amongst other rumors, it appears as though Apple will be abandoning this release model, for this year at least, and will go straight to the iPhone 7 for 2015.

Ever since Apple introduced the Watch last year, one feature of the device stood out above all others: the wearable’s ability to sense pressure when touched. Since then, rumors have been flying non-stop speculating on how the next iPhone might also feature this technology. Now, according to an analyst from KGI Securities, the rumors might actually be true, and Apple is indeed planning on bringing this technology to the next iteration of the iPhone. In fact, the addition of Force Touch to the iPhone might be such as significant step that Apple may push the version number of the device directly to 7, instead of the traditional S revision. But that’s not all, as the version of Force Touch being brought to the next iPhone may actually be different to the technology found on the Watch and the latest Macbook. If this report is accurate, then Apple may opt for a system that determines pressure by contact area on the screen rather than detecting pressure directly. This system may be cheaper to implement and allow for a better screen, but also raises important questions, such as what calibration would be needed for this to work?

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