Activision releases official trailer and information about Black Ops III


Another year, another Call of Duty game. With World War 2 already explored by the FPS industry to the point of exhaustion, the Cold War already done with Black Ops, and modern warfare already done with… Modern Warfare, there’s no where else for the series to go other than the future. That’s exactly where Treyarch is taking this year’s Call of Duty, which will also be the third installment in the Black Ops sub-series. 

After a series of teases over the past few weeks, Activision and Treyarch have officially unveiled Call of Duty: Black Ops III, alongside a reveal trailer showing shows plenty of sci-fi action featuring robots, drones, and cyborg soldiers. The game will be set 50 years in the future where external “cyber rigs” and bio-augmentation have bred a new type of soldier. Players will assume the role of Black Ops soldiers that are interconnected with an intelligence grid through Direct Neural Interface technology. They are able to boost jump in any direction, wall-run along vertical surfaces, perform power slides and mantle over obstacles, all while maintaining the ability to aim and fire at enemies. This, thanks to a new momentum-based, chained movement system that allows players to move fluidly through environments and maintain control of their weapon — something that’s already drawing Titanfall comparisons.

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