Xiaomi may be launching a financial product of some sort


Xiaomi’s fifth birthday celebration is right around the corner and the Chinese company has been giving us daily teasers ever since it first announced that it would be celebrating its birthday with the launch of several new products. The teasers have given us just enough to speculate on without actually confirming anything, and this most recent teaser is no exception. The teaser poster seems to suggests the company is going to release a new financial product of some sort. 

We are just one day away from the fifth anniversary of Xiaomi, which means its time to look at the final teaser of an upcoming product tomorrow. We expect a lot of new announcements at the event, including a weighing scale, top end version of Xiaomi Mi Note and other smart home focused products. Today’s teaser reveals something different than traditional company offerings. The image comes with the letters ‘AA’ on top and below it you can see a piggy bank with wings. This could mean a new financial product from the company or even additional features for its existing wallet service. Other than this, we have no idea what it could mean. AA could be a brand new financial product, but its better that we wait for a day more to get further details. Meanwhile, tomorrow is going to be an exciting day since we will see a number of new products from the company. Make sure you stay tuned to the website for updates.

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