The OnePlus Two will come with a “laser focus” fingerprint scanner


The OnePlus One was certainly the most surprisingly successful smartphone of 2014, but will the OnePlus Two be able to achieve the same level of success? Well OnePlus has already made it clear that it believes so and in order to help achieve that the company is apparently equipping its next-generation smartphone with a “laser focus” fingerprint scanner.

Last year, upstart manufacturer OnePlus took the Android world by storm by hyping its debut OnePlus One smartphone that featured both strong specifications and a surprisingly low price. Thanks to some new leaks obtained by GizmoChina, we may now have some information about what OnePlus has in store for its followup to 2014’s surprise hit smartphone. According to GizmoChina, the so-called “OnePlus Two” will feature “a laser focus fingerprint identification embedded in the home button.” We really have no idea what benefits a “laser focus” fingerprint scanner has over traditional fingerprint scanners and GizmoChina sadly doesn’t elaborate much on it and why OnePlus is including it.

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