Siri sends your voice data over to third-party companies


Have you ever said something to Siri that you wouldn’t want other people knowing about? Or how about this, do not want anyone listening to what you say to Siri regardless of what it is that’s said? If the answer is yes then you’ll probably be upset to learn that Apple sends anonymized voice data that Siri gathers to third-party companies. This is according to computer security blog DigitalMunitions.

Apple may be committed to keeping your data safe from government agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigation, but there’s one thing that it won’t protect you from: Apple. The Digital Munition, a computer security blog, revealed that Apple sends anonymized voice data gathered by Siri to third-party companies. Almost every search engine does something similar, and I’ve even shouted out what’s called “search engine evaluation” as a viable way to make money from home. Search engine evaluation is when someone (usually a paid contractor) digs through searches that customers have made and verifies whether the information matches what they wanted and alerts the company if it doesn’t. This helps search engines figure out where the kinks in their info-hunting systems are hiding.

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