Microsoft is bringing the Windows 10 Preview to more smartphones


Finally, some good news for Lumia owners who haven’t been able to experience the Windows 10 Preview. According to Microsoft, the company will be expanding the list of Windows 10 Preview-compatible smartphones in the near future. It’s been a month since the initial preview build was released and only a small number of Lumia devices are actually compatible. 

If you have a Nokia Lumia smartphone, your chances of running the Windows 10 Preview are looking up: According to Microsoft’s Gabe Aul, the company is set to open up Windows 10 Preview builds to a broader range of phones. The Windows 10 Preview program opened up to smartphones back in February, but the initial preview builds worked only on a small number of Lumia devices. The reasons for this limited rollout were technical—Microsoft had to select phones with an OS partition large enough to handle Windows 10 until it had finished a partition-resizing feature known as Partition Stitching. Partition Stitching is now ready to rock, according to Microsoft, so the Windows development team was able to expand the preview to include support for additional Lumia devices.

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