Apple may allow users to download free apps without a password


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It looks like even Apple falls prey to common sense eventually. According to some new settings that a 9to5Mac reader spotted in the iOS 8.3 beta, Apple may finally be allowing users to download free apps without having to bypass a security block by entering in their password. This is actually a feature that Apple had implemented previously but decided to remove for God knows what reason. Paid apps I understand, but free ones as well?! 

A reader has spotted that iOS 8.3 includes some new configuration options for password entry in the iTunes and App Store. Labelled as ‘Password Settings’, the new view allows users to configure how frequently Apple should ask for the user’s iTunes Store password for purchases. This includes allowing users to choose to allow free apps to be downloaded, no password necessary. The first option allows users to require passwords immediately or expire after fifteen minutes. This option has existed in previous versions of iOS, under the Restrictions settings. However, the toggle below — ‘Require Password’ for free downloads is an altogether new option. It allows users to download free apps (and other iTunes content) with no need to type a password. Paid content still requires authentication based on the options above. The setting is currently disabled on iOS 8.3 devices we tested, although presumably it will activate by the time iOS 8.3 is released to the public.

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