Amazon Unlock may be like Amazon Prime for paid apps


TechCrunch is calling this new move from Amazon the “Amazon Prime for Apps” and that’s a pretty accurate description. According to the website, Amazon Unlock could potentially undercut the entire app market for Android by adding a new section to Amazon’s own app store that offers users a plethora of paid apps, as well as any in-app purchases they may offer, for free. 

Amazon staked its reputation on its rock-bottom prices, but according to a new report, it’s about to undercut the entire Android app market. According to TechCrunch, Amazon Unlocked will be a new section of the Amazon Appstore, and will offer a number of otherwise paid apps and games for free—complete with any in-app purchases the app may offer. TechCrunch likens it to “Amazon Prime for apps,” though it looks to be an extension of the existing daily free app promotions Amazon runs on the its Appstore. If nothing else, Amazon Unlocked will give users a good reason to give Amazon’s app market another look. But developers stand to get a boost here, too, and not just through increased promotion. TechCrunch notes that developers can leave Unlocked, and when they do, users will have to begin paying for in-app purchases again.

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