A decade old and Half-Life 2 is still getting major updates


Considering that Half-Life 2 is more than a decade old you’d think that the game wouldn’t be receiving any more updates, but that’s where you’re wrong. Valve’s universally acclaimed masterpiece will be receiving a substantial update tomorrow, but don’t get your hopes up by assuming that this is a precursor to a big Half-Life announcement, the company is simply implementing some fan made content as a seperate game-mod called Half-Life 2: Update.

A new fan-made mod, Half-Life 2: Update, will be released for free on Steam tomorrow. The Valve-blessed add-on brings improved lighting, effects, textures and bug fixes to the first-person shooter classic. This will be the final version of Half-Life 2: Update, which was previously made available in earlier forms outside of Steam. A group of talented fans have worked on the project since 2009, when the mod’s first incarnation added high dynamic range lighting. Nvidia, Origin PC and EVGA have all chipped in with sponsorship. The new version of Update also includes more than 100 community-recorded commentary notes, with information on design, development and the impact of Half-Life 2 on gaming itself. Take a look at a trailer below, along with a side-by-side comparison of the game with and without the Update added.

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