Leaks suggest the Galaxy S6 will be 6.9mm thick


The thinness of a smartphone is taken into consideration by many, with many companies boasting about how thin their devices are. For any Samsung fans out there that find thinness important it’ll be interesting to know that the Galaxy S6 will be 6.9mm. This is according to the latest case designs from Case maker OBLIQ.

Case maker OBLIQ sent us its latest case designs from the Slim Meta series and has confirmed the thickness of the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be 6.9mm. With the cases on, the phone will measure 9.5mm thick, which isn’t all that bad. The case design features cutouts for the camera, LED flash and heart rate monitor as well as cutouts for the antennas on top and bottom. The back is done in number of colors including gold, red and dark grey. Naturally, there are a lot more cases that have leaked in the past further showing the phone. The Galaxy S6 with its metal frame will measure 143.3 x 70.8 x 6.9mm and will be IP67-certified. Furthermore, Samsung is expected to make TouchWiz a lot more lighter with less features.

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