Sony denies working on AOSP ROMs for Xperia smartphones


There have been rumors of Sony working on stock AOSP ROMs for its Xperia series of phones. This naturally excited a lot of people, as it meant you could have a stock Android experience on your Xperia device and since the ROM came from the manufacturer itself, it would mostly be stable and usable for everyday use.

There has been a rumor going around recently that Sony is developing AOSP ROMs for some of its high-end smartphones and tablets. An AOSP ROM would bring a near vanilla Android OS experience to these devices and do away with any and all customizations that the company might have made to the OS. Sony has come out today and clarified that it is not developing any such software. Well to be fair, Sony has said that its not developing AOSP ROMs for now, that doesn’t mean it won’t do this at some point in the future. The company has clarified in a blog post that it is currently not its plan to release AOSP ROMs but calls the idea “interesting” owing to the feedback it has received online.

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