Reddit’s general manager leaves the company after 6 years


Reddit general manager Erik Martin has announced his departure. Martin, who joined the site as a community manager in 2008, has helped shepherd it from a relatively modest link-sharing site to one of the internet’s central destinations. Today, that’s coming to an end, though Martin seems to be leaving on good terms.

Erik Martin, who’s been with Reddit since its early days, has decided to depart from his position as general manager after six years with the company. Martin, who made the news official in a tweet this morning, was in charge of the popular community news sharing site’s biggest character-building moments, such as donating tons of money to good causes, leading the charge against bad tech policy like SOPA/PIPA, making Reddit the largest Secret Santa gift exchange in the world, and much more. Hell, Martin was even listed as one of Time’s most influential people of 2012 for his efforts with Reddit.

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