Images and info on Fitbits new activity tracker have been leaked


Earlier this year, Fitbit had to recall its Force fitness tracker after users reported that it caused skin irritation, and we haven’t heard much about a replacement since then. But a report from Gizmodo today suggests Fitbit could be ditching the Force altogether and coming out with two new fitness trackers: the Charge and the Charge HR. Leaked product and marketing images show two new models of Fitbit trackers that greatly resemble the Force. 

After earlier reports that Fitbit may be working on two new activity trackers, a tipster has sent us what appears to be official marketing materials that give us our first clear look at both the Fitbit Charge and Charge HD. Not only do we have a full feature rundown for each of these trackers, but the cleanest look yet at the devices themselves. The Fitbit Charge appears to look very much like the Fitbit Force, which the company was forced to recall last year after some users complained of rashes and skin burns. Which is good! (The recall, I mean.) The images above show the same fuller display and wider band that made the Force feel more high-end than the flimsier Fitbit Flex. Presumably, though, Fitbit has now figured out a way to make it without the nickel that was causing all of those skin irritations.

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