American Express is preparing for the launch of Apple Pay


Come Monday, not only will Apple be rolling out iOS 8.1 to the masses, but they will also be taking Apple Pay and turning the service on. The feature, for those who are hearing about this for the first time, is Apple’s attempt at a mobile payment service of their own that will compete against the likes of Google Wallet and Softcard.

In an email sent out to credit card holders on Friday, American Express announced integration with Apple Pay and outlined steps users need to take in order to get the payment system up and running on their mobile device. As seen in the screenshot above, American Express is prepping for its upcoming integration with Apple’s Apple Pay mobile and Internet payments solution. At its iPad event on Thursday, Apple said Apple Pay services are scheduled to launch next Monday when the company releases iOS 8.1. While the basic procedure for entering in credit card credentials has been revealed in previous reports, American Express offers a few interesting tidbits of information regarding account linking and monitoring.

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