Bio Security

The future of home security?


Home security is usually the last thing on our minds until we have a breach.  Planning for problems before they arise is key to maintaining good security.  In the future, home security will involve much more than the latest deadbolt from the hardware store.

Bio Security

The future of home security will be bio recognition.  Your security system will recognize your specific biological signature and allow access to your home based on the parameters you’ve set within your security system.  It will also recognize the biological signatures of family, friends, and guests, and allow them access accordingly.  The homeowner will be able to tell the system who is allowed and not allowed to make changes in access.

Home security in the future will even be able to care for your pets, feeding them and letting them in and out as needed.  It will be able to alert you if your teenager is late for curfew.  And digital video will be uploaded to the cloud so you can keep tabs on your home from anywhere in the world.

Learn more about the future of home security from this interactive infographic (click the link for the interactive version).  You might be surprised what the future has in store for you home’s security features.


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